"I can not recommend this class enough. I've just finished my third class and can not believe how many muscles I've found already (I didn't even know most of them existed). I've always struggled with finding a fitness class that I feel comfortable attending and completing. This is just perfect for me. Nadine, you are an excellent teacher and built my stamina and self confidence so much in such a short time. Your attention to each person, whilst still maintaining a class is brilliant, Tuesdays can't come round quick enough"


Jo, 'Accounts Superviser'



"I am fairly new to Pilates but find Nadine's class incredibly enjoyable. Nadine is a fantastic instructor who encourages you to keep improving and become stronger as a result. I can not recommend her class enough"


Nicole Boultbee



"I've been going to Nadines class since the beginning of the year and can't believe how much stronger I've become. Nadine is technically excellent and makes the classes really enjoyable, helping us to work at different levels. I really look forward to my Tuesday evening and so pleased to have found this class"


Gina Gush



"Nadine is a fantastic teacher. The classes are well thought out and  she manages to both encourage beginners whilst pushing those who are more experienced. The expertise you receive is as good as one to one teaching. A very challenging but relaxed atmosphere. Highly recommended"


Karen Connelley



"I started Nadine's 'beginners' Pilates class 6 months ago and continue to go. Nadine has such great positive energy, I always enjoy the classes even though we are working hard. There is plenty of variation in the classes and we can see our progression week by week which is satisfying. I have suffered with lower back pain for many years after having my children and now the pain has practically gone. So much stronger and feel great"


Jenny, Graphic Designer



"Nadine provides a professional but relaxed Pilates class allowing everyone to work at a suitable level. She focuses on technique to ensure everyone gets the full benefit of the workout. In just a few weeks I have noticed huge improvements in strength, fitness and general well being"


Vicky Groombridge



"I never felt so unfit since giving birth to my 2nd child a few months ago. Picking my child off the floor was almost an impossible task due to weakness in my knees. Since I started Nadines classes I feel I have more energy and certainly much more strength. I'm always looking forward to my classes as its like a treat for me. I can relax and focus on myself"


Layla Marro



"Great classes, Nadine works us hard but does it in a fun way. I have felt a lot more supple since I started Nadines classes last year. I find it a lot easier getting up in the mornings now! Would definitely recommend"


Julie Robinson, Hampton



"I've been doing Nadine's Pilates for 6 months now and I cant believe the difference I feel. Aches and pains have eased and I feel much stronger. The classes are very varied and really enjoyable. Tuesday evenings are
the highlight of the week"


Mel, Pay roll and HR Officer